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Simple. Easy. Mobile…credit card processing

If you’re a small business owner today and you can’t easily accept credit or debit cards, you’re significantly hindering your sales efforts.  Credit card processing has become easier and more affordable over the years with solutions such as PayPal—however in-the-field/mobile credit card acceptance has been a bit allusive. There are and have been mobile credit card solutions out there for a while now…but, never this simple! Check out “Square,” and new and extremely simple way to accept credit cards in the field.

Square credit card processing

SQUARE credit card processing made simple

Square was founded by a St. Louis glass artist named Jim McKelvey who saw a problem that needed a solution. Jim teamed up with Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey to bring Square to fruition. allows small business owners to begin accepting payment cards without contracts, expensive hardware or monthly fees that are typical with other mobile solutions.  All you need to get started is the Square Up app and a small plastic device that plugs into the phone audio input jack (which allows you to swipe and process a variety of payment cards). Customers have have receipts sent to them via e-mail or text message.

2/10/10 update to this post: CNN Money ran a great article on the iPhone credit card swipe war.

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